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Specific Springis is dedicated to exceptional customer service, the highest product quality, competitive price and continuing technical advancement.

Consistently produce high quality components
Deliver on time
Provide competitive price for both prototype and production quantities

Specific Springs applied to:

The Housing
Engineering and Mining Sectors
Medical Applications
Sporting Equipment
Amusement Products and Industries
Specific Springs is dedicated to exceptional customer service, the highest product quality, competitive pricing and continuing technical advancement. In order for us to do this we draw on our valued team of experienced employees.
Springs are an exceptional and economical form of energy. Sometimes fitted into inconspicuous environments it is more often than not that until the spring fails, you realise the importance of the role springs play.
Springs are manufactured in many forms. They can be produced using round wire, flat wire, laminates, square wire etc. the possibilities are endless, sometimes only limited by someone’s imagination or lack of experience. This is where our team comes to the fore, having a wealth of knowledge and experience in an ever changing market. 
We always endeavour to make your task of choosing the correct spring for the correct application stress free, ensuring that your spring has the life cycle that is called for. Because springs are seldom thought right through in the initial stages of the design process , shapes and materials have become many and varied in adapting to the unintentional demands placed upon them. We have the equipment and machinery to create a whole range of springs, wires shapes and pressed metal components as may be required, to the highest quality.

Common uses for our products are allied to the housing, engineering and mining sectors, medical applications, sporting equipment, amusement products & related industries.If you have a requirement that needs initial prototyping, design or manufacturing in small or large quantities we can help you. For any enquiries don’t hesitate to contact one of our offices today to get started with your new or existing product.