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Our springs are manufactured using an extensive range of ferrous and non-ferrous materials to meet your specifications. We also offer a variety of post-production processes such as plating, ends looped or ground, colour coating (specify colour upon order), heat treating (mostly done in-house) and packaging. We deliver world-wide by road express or air freight depending on customer requirements.

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Compression springs are used in such a large range of applications making them one of the most commonly manufactured springs by Specific Springs. They are open coiled helical springs that resist a compressive force applied axially. This type of spring is frequently used as it can be manipulated in such a variety of ways to suit almost any customer requirement.


Are wound with initial tension which holds the coils together and offers resistance to a pulling force. In theory, extension springs act with a complete opposite purpose to a compression springs. As they are closed coiled and wound with initial tension, once the spring is stretched and the coils gradually open they will exert a force acting to return the extension spring to its original position. We are capable of designing different hook ends or meeting your requirements for existing ends. We also have a range of standard loops for common applications..

                    TORSION SPRINGS

Are manufactured to offer resistance to externally applied torque. The ends of a torsion spring are generally attached to separate components. When an opposing force is applied, the pre-tensioned spring will apply a force against the opposing component or components to try and put them back into their original position. The team here at Specific Springs more than capable of designing and manufacturing a large variety of torsion springs with different ends to suit almost any configuration.

                         WIRE FORMS

Wireforms are the most unique and specific product manufactured by Specific Springs. Wireforms have the widest range of shapes and sizes to meet any kind of specification to suit almost any application. Our up to date equipment and expert craftsman can shape wire into just about any shape you can envision.

                   METAL STAMPING

Our up to date equipment produces metal shapes and pressings economically and with the greatest of ease. Metal stampings can represent any kind of shape made from sheet metal. This also includes any kind of hole punching and forming that our client may desire.
Specific Springs was established in June 1981 and has continually expanded throughout the years.

Our corporate mission is to design and manufacture the highest standard of products and to provide friendly efficient service to all our customers.

Highly trained craftsman operate state-of-the-art CNC spring coiling machines. The company is committed to updating our equipment and procedures to meet the individual needs of our customers. This ensures that we are always providing nothing short of the best quality to our satisfied customers.

Our personalised customer service not only includes expert design assistance and manufacture of custom spring products, wire and metal forms but also experience in research & development, consultation and follow up support.

Specific Springs manufactures out of Gaven on the Gold Coast QLD. For all enquiries please contact our head office situated on the Gold Coast, our friendly staff can assist you with any of your needs.

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